SwissCham Singapore Mentorship Programme




  SwissCham Mentorship Programme

   Our Vision

SwissCham Singapore aims to create an active professional network by connecting young professionals with distinguished executive members of the chamber. The mentorship programme shall support young professionals in developing their business acumen while inspiring executives to partake in the development of future leaders. A community that continuously exchanges professional ideas and experiences will nurture the growth of the chamber and help build a supportive network of visionary professionals.





01 |  Programme Format



The Mentorship Programme is a structured programme that spans a minimum of 6 months from the first meeting between mentor and mentee. Monthly meetings are required, these can be conducted in-person or virtually. All mentor-mentee meetings are self-organised by the mentorship pairs.


The programme strives to match experienced and young professionals for the specific purpose of building relationship, trust, experience exchange, support and guidance. This is accomplished by integrating a variety of programme themes such as: goal setting, career development, sharing opportunities and networking, sharing project work, sharing interests. The mentorship programme matches one mentor with one or two mentees.


The mentorship programme is free of charge for all SwissCham Singapore members. For non-members we ask for a participation fee of SGD 80 for mentees.

Selection criteria

At the discretion of SwissCham Singapore after a successful application submission. Demonstration of willingness to participate and eagerness to learn. The SwissCham committee will evaluate the goals and background of the mentee application and match with suitable mentors based on their background and experience.


02 |  Application Period


Applications will re-open in Q2 2022!


03 |  Formal Roles


An experienced professional, who is a member of SwissCham, will provide support and guidance to the mentee.


A young professional, who is a member of the YP chapter of SwissCham, will participate in meetings with focus on professional development and commit to developing communication and rapport with mentors throughout the programme time.

SwissCham Committee

One or two members of the SwissCham who will facilitate the entire programme function and oversee the overall vision; provide resources to assist mentors and mentees wherever applicable; evaluate the progress and achievements of the programme. The committee members will not participate in the programme themselves


04 |  Program Structure 2021




12 April - 9 May 

Application Phase: Mentor / Mentee

17 May

Receive Update on Application Status

31 May, 5-6pm SGT

Kick-off Session on Zoom

CW 20/21

First Mentor-Mentee Meeting (self-organised)

18/19 August, 5-6pm SGT

Reflection Sessions for Mentors and Mentees

1 December, 7pm

Final Mentorship Event


05 |  FAQ for Participants

| Q. 

How do I know if a mentoring relationship is right for me?

| A. 




As a mentee, you are interested in relationship-based on-on-one learning that enhances your self-development and professional development. Your intent is to utilize an objective resource that provides developmental coaching and guidance.

As a mentor, you are interested in a relationship-based one-on-one learning that allows you to share your experiences and answer questions and concerns of a young professional. Open and honest communication is important to you.

| Q. What are the benefits of being a mentor?

| A.

You will have the opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of young professionals and expand your own knowledge and learning in the process.

| Q. What makes a good mentor?

| A. 






A few traits good mentors share are being high performers, their ability to facilitate knowledge and skills transfer, active listening and communication skills, and their ability to see the “big picture.” 

It’s important to note that mentors do not have to be in the same industry or function, and the mentor doesn’t have to be older than the mentee. For example, a younger person could mentor an older colleague in the development of social media skills or other technology, or a senior executive in one division could mentor a colleague in another division in their career development or political savvy.

| Q. What should a mentor/mentee do?

| A. 




A mentor is expected to create a safe environment for a mentee to set mutually acceptable goals for the relationship, and provide open and honest feedback in response to the mentee’s questions and progress towards their goals. 

A mentee is expected to identify and drive their career objectives. They should come prepared to each session with a set of objectives and progress towards those objectives.

| Q. What if I wish to pursue the relationship with my mentor/mentee after the program?

| A. 


The programme aims for a setup in which the mentor and mentee are given the necessary tools in order to cultivate their mentorship relationship during the duration of the programme. The participants are invited to mutually decide if they wish to continue to nurture this relationship.