About the Chamber & Our Team

Our board is formed of dedicated members from various professional backgrounds. With the interest of all our members in mind, the board is responsible for the strategy and direction of the association.

Georg Von Wattenwyl

Responsibilities: Responsible of the Chair

Fabienne Enderlin

Vice Chairman
Responsibilities: Organizational Development, HR, Interconnections & Business Awards

Dimitri Getsios

Vice Chairman
Responsibilities: Membership Management

Birgitta von Dresky

Honorary Secretary
Responsibilities: Legal & Compliance

Jean-Marie Lagier

Honorary Treasurer
Responsibilities: Finance

Michel Huguenin

Board Member
Responsibilities: Events & Gala Dinner

Lisa Schröder

Board Member
Responsibilities: Chair of Young Professionals Sub-Committee

Sabrina Winter

Board Member

Chris Neff

Board Member
Responsibilities: International Relations Subcommittee

Dr Silvio Struebi

Board Member
Responsibilities: Marketing, Communications

Council of Advisors

Andreas Enderlin

Strategic Advisor

Manfred Rist


Dr Tom Ludescher


Sascha Fuls

Advisor (Institutional Relations)

Office Management

Pheely Hsu

Engagement Manager

Anne Schalper

Engagement Manager

Anu Verma

Events & Marketing Executive