SwissCham Event Portfolio

Business Awards
The annual business awards celebrate business success and recognises those businesses that have made a significant contribution to the economic relationship between Singapore and Switzerland. It`s our aim to celebrate member companies or other Singapore based companies with a strong Swiss link who have achieved exceptional success, developed innovative and new technologies, partnerships, showed excellence in social behaviour and entrepreneurial success over the past years.
Annual Gala Dinner
SwissCham’s flagship event, attended by more than 300 attendees including companies in the Swiss, local and expatriate groups. Each year a new theme sets the tone in terms of venue decorations, menu, wine, prizes and entertainment. The Gala is an important event on the SwissCham calendar fostering positive relationships between the Swiss and Singaporean communities.
Chair’s Luncheon series
These event series bring together a celebration of the excellence in the Swiss business community over a specially prepared long lunch featuring a presentation of an interesting theme, company or trend.
The Ambassador’s Reception
The Ambassador’s Reception is a joint initiative of SwissCham and the Swiss embassy. The meetings are led by the Ambassador and focus on e.g. business exchange or include a presentation from a high profile Singaporean or international individual who is a recognised leader in their field, followed by an open forum.
Business Apéro
Monthly gatherings with a focus on networking and exchange among the SwissCham members. These event-series are hosted by a member to offer the possibility of networking and creating business opportunities.
Member Presentation Events
These exclusive events are organised by members who wish to introduce their companies to other participants, share their know-how, and present new products or site-visits.
Newcomer Event
A special event for Swiss nationals who recently moved to Singapore. We provide them with basic information on the Swiss community in Singapore (the Swiss pillars) and offer them help on how to settle and build a network in Singapore. This event will also encourage newcomers to network with other members & participants.
CSR Events
SwissCham organises CSRs (Corporates Social Responsibility) for members who wish to contribute to societal, volunteering and sustainability activities.
Knowledge Transfer Events
SwissCham also organises Knowledge Transfer Events that have a strong member interest such as site visits, cultural discussions or seminars. These events focus on local institutions and organisations (site visits to Harbor, Airport, National gallery, and more) to foster exchange between Singapore and Switzerland communities.
Year End Event
The Year End Event is a special occasion to celebrate another successful year with our esteemed members of SwissCham Singapore. This annual networking event features free flow wine, exquisite food, gift giveaways in a Christmas atmosphere.
The Annual General Meeting is a formal meeting where the SwissCham board and auditors are elected, the past year’s accounts and activities are presented, an outlook on the budget and activities of the running year are presented and other matters are voted on. The AGM usually takes place in the early evening and is followed by a nice dinner.
Business Events
Our business events are a key vehicle for connecting with the SwissCham members on a range of levels and in a variety of forums. The events reflect the industries, demographics and key needs of our members. SwissCham’s business events are for professionals at all stages of their careers and from a range of companies and industries. The offering entails specific know-ledge sharing and learning events, panel-discussions, presentations, roundtables etc.
Sub-Committee Events
The SwissCham Sub-Committees are expert groups who meet on a regular basis to discuss new developments, trends and challenges, exchange ideas and share experiences – cross company. These focus groups compile of representatives from various backgrounds and different industries and have a common area of interest. The Sub-committees present or share their findings and know-how with our members on a regular basis.

Our Young Processionals organise specific events to further strengthen their network, have professional exchange, learning opportunities etc.