Lisa Schröder

Lisa joined vestr as part of the startup’s expansion to Asia; she opened the office in Singapore in early 2021 and is additionally in charge of client onboarding, partnerships, and communications. For two years, Lisa has been an active part of the Young Professional chapter and supported the DX Award.


She is a member of the Singapore FinTech Association’s Women-in-FinTech subcommittee and has previously contributed to FinTech communities across different hubs in Europe and Asia by organizing large-scale Hackathons in collaboration with banks and other financial institutions. 


As a founding member of an impact consulting network in Helsinki, Finland, and an early employee of a Swiss FinTech Incubator and Accelerator in Zurich, Switzerland, she has always fostered active engagement between start-ups, incumbents, investors, regulators, mentors, and multipliers. 


Lisa holds a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management from Aalto University (graduated with grant-winning thesis).